How to mix vocals: Step by step to a perfect vocal sound

Dreaming of a recording that not only sounds amazing but also leaves your audience speechless? This is where professional vocal mixing comes into play. Vocal editing is the foundation of this process. Combined with vocal mixing, it guarantees a flawless listening experience, free of errors.

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Using GainAimPro with ARA

ARA plugins can be extremely powerful tools, offering functionalities like those found in Melodyne, VocAlign or GainAimPro. However, each DAW has its nuances regarding ARA. In this blog, I'll guide you through using ARA with some of the most common DAWs and explain why ARA isn't necessarily required to work effectively with GainAimPro.

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GainAimPro – A short overview

Level, Debreath, DeEss, and Gate your vocals simultaneously with infinite look ahead and 0,0ms latency. There's nothing more tedious than spending hours editing vocals with a long to-do list. In this blog, you'll learn how to use GainAimPro, our new our new ARA and AI supported plugin, to complete your vocal editing tasks in minutes.

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