Balance Punch and Body - No Compression.

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Transient Shaper - Transient Splitter -TranSplit-Interface-NoiseWorks
Perfect for Drums, Bass & Percussion
TRANSPLIT is as simple as it is powerful.
Forget about compression! You need just one slider
to set the ratio between punch and body.

“…In this case, we talk about a clever approach, a different angle of tackling a problem…”

It’s certainly unique[…]it works wonders with pre-rendered drum breaks and the like…



Transient Shaper - Transient-Splitter-TranSplit-Interface-Menu-Open-NoiseWorks

Determine the balance between the transient and the body. Turn fully left for only transients; turn fully right for only the body.

Control the sensitivity
required for a transient
to be detected as such.
A filter that allows you
to set the focus
based on the frequency.
Control the  length for a
transient to fade out.

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Adjustable Volume Automation

Multilay gives you all the possibilities to create your own sound.

Split your signal into three frequenzy-bands or into transient and sustain, and add up to six FX-modules inside the feedbackloop.

The ducking function, different mix modes and delay time in seconds give you the control you need to find a unique sound faster.

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