Beatmaker bundle

Get Multilay + 1200 Sounds


€71,99 EUR

Tax. included

Save yourself hundreds of euros on expensive plugins and preset packs.

In your Flooic Unlimited Sound Collection, you’ll find 1,200 playable
basses, synths, plucks, leads, keys, pianos, pads, and more.
Choose a sound and simply drag and drop it into your project.

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  • Frequency and transient splitmode

  • Ducking feature

  • Feedbacktime in seconds

  • Six effects (Equalizer, Wow, Color, Phaser, Chorus, Stereo-Tool

Unlimited Pro Edition.

  • 1200  Sounds

  • Basses, Plucks, Pads, Keys, Bells, Leads, Flutes, Guitars and more

  • Immediate download

  • 100% Royalty Free

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