Vocal rider for effortless leveled gain

✓ easy volume control
✓ short latency for live events
✓ 5 different speed modes
✓ time saving
✓ easy to use

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Vocal Rider, Bass Rider, Gain Rider
A well-balanced gain is essential for vocals, podcasts, and instruments.
Our vocal rider GainAim is designed to streamline your workflow.
Enjoy our easy-to-use vocal rider with no fuss.

“I wonder why there wasn’t a tool like this available much earlier.” (translated)

“The plugin picks up where there hasn’t been much happening for several years…”  (translated)



Different modes to
determine how fast
GainAim reacts to
the incoming signal

Controls the amount of
stereo linking applied
to the trigger signal.

Set your desired
target loudness.

Everything below the noisefloor
will be excluded during
the loudness detection.

Vocal rider with five different speed modes


The GainAim vocal rider plugin comes with a variety of modes. This allows GainAim to react appropriately to different music genres and vocal dynamics. No matter the genre—be it opera, rock, hip-hop, or rap—selecting the right mode grants you precise control over volume adjustments. This also applies to the sound processing of other signals such as guitar and drums.

You can use the modes to set how quickly GainAim should adjust the actual volume to the target volume. 

  • Rider: The “Rider” mode enables you to preserve the natural sound of your vocals, whether in the studio or live.
  • Leveler: The “Leveler” mode makes it possible to use GainAim as an autogain for each vocal track.
  • Fast: The “Fast” mode is a bass rider. It is equally suitable for very dynamic signals and fast sounds, such as rap.
  • Squash: The “Squash” mode turns your signal into a sausage.
  • Locked: The “Locked” mode fixes the current gain setting.

Streamline your workflow with our next level vocal rider


Features of the GainAim vocal rider:

  • Target Loudness: You can choose the target values you want.
  • Loudness Control: The “Fast” and “Squash” modes enable you to achieve quick loudness control.
  • No latency for live events: There is no time delay in the transmission of audio signals during live events or performances. This ensures real-time processing without any perceptible delay.
  • NoiseFloor: You can easily exclude audio signals, such as breathing sounds or noise, below a certain threshold.
  • Channel Link: You can control the amount of stereo linking applied to the trigger signal.
  • Preparation of signals: With GainAim you can prepare vocals and bass before compressing. Thanks to the automatic processing of vocals, you can prevent over-compression.

What do the pros say about
our vocal rider?

The GainAim vocal rider plugin is very user-friendly and self-explanatory. Nevertheless, we know that getting started can sometimes be challenging. This is especially true if you haven’t worked with a vocal rider (or GainAim in particular) before. With the help of our explanatory videos below, we would like to help you find your way around the plugin. In addition, our pros will give you an insight into their work with GainAim and show you what makes this vocal rider plugin so special.

  • Mac  (min 10.15) 
  • M1/M2 native support
  • Windows 64 bit
  • Formats: VST3, AU, AAX
  • Supporting all major DAWs : Pro-Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Cubase, FL – Studio, Reaper, Studio-One, Reason

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