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Compressor, Expander, Transient-Designer –

Compress, expand & design dynamics with unprecedented precision.
Say goodbye to threshold, knee and ratio.

“An advantage of this method is that you control the attack and sustain parts of the signal independently” 



Attack and Release
for the input envelope.
Attack and release
for the Target envelope.
Two smart autogain modes.
Use autogain based on your
average loudness or by just
comparing the peaks.
Control the speed
of the autogain.
Sidechain modes that allow
you to trigger both envelopes
or each envelope individually.
Limitations to prevent
adjustments from going below
or exceeding certain values.

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Adjustable Volume Automation

Multilay gives you all the possibilities to create your own sound.

Split your signal into three frequenzy-bands or into transient and sustain, and add up to six FX-modules inside the feedbackloop.

The ducking function, different mix modes and delay time in seconds give you the control you need to find a unique sound faster.

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