Rethink dynamics

Compress and expand faster, with more precision.
Say goodbye to threshold, knee or ratio.

How it works

No AI, no analog emulation

Enshape does not edit the dynamics of the audio signal based on a threshold value. It uses two envelope followers that both capture the envelope of the incoming signal. Each envelope has its own attack and release parameters. The gain difference between the first and second envelope will be added to your signal. When the second envelopes value is above the first one, the gain will be boosted, otherwise it will be reduced.


Work with unmatched accuracy.

Boost attack or sustain independently and use minimum and maximum envelope-limits for a new level of precision. Perfect for reducing unwanted parts, such as breaths in vocals, and catching loudness peaks without affecting the rest of your signal. Give your house piano the sustain they need, let your drums breathe, bring the quieter parts of your guitar to the front, and create a consistent bass with more punch.

Independent of a fixed threshold, master your track without overcompressing the hook while other parts remain untouched.
And all that with a real-time interface for all the information you need.

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and get up to 40% off

Apply for free early access to Enshape. The Enshape-Beta will work until we release the final version. 
For every friend you’ve invited  to our Beta-Program we’ll give you a 10% discount on the final version of Enshape.

System Requirements


OS: 64 bit – Mac (M1 Supported)
Formats: VST3, AU, AAX


Win: 64 bit,
Formats: VST3, AU, AAX

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