6 ways GainAimPro streamlines your workflow

GainAimPro elevates your sound and streamlines your workflow. But how does GainAimPro achieve such impressive results and support your productions?

1. Faster results - All in one place

GainAimPro - Modes and applications - Vocal editing - noiseworksaudio

With GainAimPro, you’ll get a Vocal Rider, DeEsser, DeBreather, and a smart Vox-Gate all in one place. Say goodbye to getting stuck switching through a bunch of plugin interfaces that also consume a lot of CPU. With GainAimPro, you’ll experience an extremely seamless workflow throughout your vocal editing process. Additionally, each feature is optional and can be switched off if you don’t need it.

2. Infinite Look ahead Rider

GainAImPro - Pure GainRiding - NoiseWorks
GainAimPro always has access to your entire audio file, which is one of its biggest advantages when it comes to gain riding. GainAimPro anticipates when your signal is about to get loud and starts reducing the gain before the loud part begins, preventing annoying pumping and artifacts that you might know from other vocal riders or compressors. This ensures a subtile and smooth vocal-riding with 0,0ms of latency.

3. Not a blackbox: Always maintain control

GainAimPro’s interface displays breaths in a darker grey and sibilance in a lighter grey, making it easier to understand the automation. This visual aid means you don’t need to listen to the entire signal to verify that the plugin is working correctly; you can see everything at a glance. Additionally, for maximum control, you can always edit the automation yourself by switching to ‘edit mode’. In ‘edit mode’, you can edit the automation just as you would in your DAW. You can move the automation points, create new ones, or select an entire section to adjust it up or down.

4. Maximum precission

GainAimPro - DeEsser Settings

Since GainAimPro uses AI to detect breaths, sibilance, voice, and pauses, its detection is more precise than what non-AI-based algorithms can achieve. Additionally, its sibilance detection with its relative threshold focuses not only on sharp ‘s’ sounds but also detects any harsh sibilance, like loud ‘t’ or ‘sh’ sounds. This makes it easier to target the really annoying harsh sounds that can cut through the ear if not adjusted.

5. 0,0ms Latency and 0% CPU load

Since GainAimPro does not need to process your audio file in real-time,
it doesn’t cause any latency or CPU load.
You can load as many instances of GainAimPro as you want without overloading your device. This way, you can keep your session as compact as possible while freeing up more resources for other plugins you may need to use, such as synthesizers or other complex processors.

6. Easy integration with your DAW

With GainAimPro, it doesn’t matter which DAW you are using.
GainAimPro works with ARA but also with Pro Tools Audio Suite. You can also use it as a classic insert using the transfer mode.
This is perfect for DAWs that do not support ARA, like FL Studio and Ableton. Learn how to use GainAimPro in your DAW

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Adjustable Volume Automation

Multilay gives you all the possibilities to create your own sound.

Split your signal into three frequenzy-bands or into transient and sustain, and add up to six FX-modules inside the feedbackloop.

The ducking function, different mix modes and delay time in seconds give you the control you need to find a unique sound faster.

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