GainAimPro out now! Intro sale starting now.

GainAimPro is now available! Debreath, De-ess, gate, and level your vocals in seconds with GainAimPro. What took hours yesterday can now be finished in minutes.

GainAimPro writes a gain automation that levels out gain differences, detects and levels breaths and sibilance, and uses a smart voice activity detection to gate your voice. And for all musicians and producers out there mixing instruments, we’ve also implemented an instrument mode.

The best part? 

It’s super easy to use and finishes in just a few seconds.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Load GainAimPro on your track.
  2. Hit ‘Analyze’ to let GainAimPro detect breaths, voice, sibilance, and pauses.
  3. If needed, make some adjustments or edit the automation manually with ‘Edit Mode’.
  4. Finished! 

With GainAimPro, there is no compromise between automation and control. Its like writing your automation, you can edit every single point manually afterwards!

Additionally, you can always edit the automation manually with ‘Edit Mode’.

GainAimPro causes 0% CPU usage and 0.0 ms latency, so your sessions can get as big as you like.

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Adjustable Volume Automation

Multilay gives you all the possibilities to create your own sound.

Split your signal into three frequenzy-bands or into transient and sustain, and add up to six FX-modules inside the feedbackloop.

The ducking function, different mix modes and delay time in seconds give you the control you need to find a unique sound faster.

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